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    KRUSH Athletes

    Tegan Molloy

    Tegan Molloy

    Home town / Country: Jindabyne, NSW Australia

    Age: 22

    Discipline: Downhill

    Weapon of choice: Kona Operator and Kona Process 153, kitted out with SRAM and Rockshox.

    Fav place to slay: I love cutting laps on my home trails, though if I wasn't riding Thredbo, I would have to say Whistler. Dad and I travelled there in 2012 for Crankworx, which was my first ‘taste' of riding and racing overseas and I loved every minute of it. It’s definitely home to some of the best trails to ride.

    Sian A’Hern

    Sian A’Hern

    Home town / Country: Canberra, Australia

    Age: 20

    Discipline: Downhill mountain biking

    Weapon of choice: Norco Aurum HSP, Norco Range C7.1

    Fav place to slay: Thredbo MTB and Whistler bike park

    Shelly Flood

    Shelly Flood

    Home town / Country: Adelaide, Australia

    Age: 27

    Discipline: Downhill/ Enduro

    Weapon of choice: Kona Process 153

    Fav place to slay: In Aus would be Maydena and Bright but overseas any Canadian tracks are rad.

    Sam Luff

    Sam Luff

    Home town / Country: Brisbane, Australia

    Age: 15 years old

    Discipline: Enduro and Downhill 

    Weapon of choice:Yt Capra 29. Yttues. Yt Jeffsy 29. Yt dirt love

    Fav place to slay: Favourite place to slay would be bright, Vic. Tracks there are so loose, wild and fast as!

    Cassie Voysey

    Cassie Voysey

    Home town / Country: Engadine, Australia

    Age: 16

    Discipline: DH mountain bike riding

    Weapon of choice: 2017 Rocky Mountain Maiden World Cup bike

    Fav place to slay: Whistler bike park