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    Ethan Maiwald

    Ethan Maiwald

    Ethan Maiwald

     Age - 16.

    Height - 6 foot. 

    Bike or Bikes - 2017 fc 350 and 2016 tc 250.

    Achievements - Getting consistent top 5 finishes in the vic off-roads as well as just doing sick fun stuff on a bike! eg bardrag, shred sandy burms and blow poeples mids here and there.

    Other Sponsors - S-tech suspension, Fox, Fist Hand-wear, Gibson, Firstcalss motorcycles, oakly, HDX Mix.

    Home Trails - I dont have any home trials per-say, but my local spot is Gembrook where we have loads of secret tracks all over the joint.

    Favourite place to ride - Krusics ridepark, our farm and Rosedale. 

    When did you start riding? - I started riding when i was about 5 years old but had no interest in riding till i was about 13 or 14. 

    Most memorable moment on a bike - My first time riding deep sand, my first bar drag and first time racing hattah!

    What do you have planned for your riding career this year? - I plan to finish all the vic off roads (top 3 in class), the south Australian off rods ( top 3 in class), the Aussie off roads (top 10 inclass) , Hattah (top 5 in class) and the 6 hour iron man at  golden beach (top 3 in class) ,  as well keep having as much fun as i can and keep on progressing. 

    Describe to us why you ride bikes and what it means to you? - I ride bikes. 

    Whats your favourite things to do outside of riding? - My favorite thing to do outside of riding is definitely running.